Sunny Isles

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Located in one of the poshest areas of Miami, this 4500 sq.ft. condo serves as a family vacation home for a married couple with two children and three grandkids. Although some of the furniture is from their previous condo, we added exquisite furnishings to brighten their new vacation spot. The leather couches, velvet chairs, and marble tables create a sleek, yet inviting space, while the bold accent pieces enhance the condo’s vibrant atmosphere.

The living room was designed for the owners’ to fully enjoy the breathtaking ocean view at all hours of the day. We crafted a sophisticated, refreshing look in the master bedroom using white leather furniture, linen, and fur. Additionally, a “wow” factor was incorporated in the powder room with its custom-designed lit onyx sink that beautifully contrasts against the floral wallpaper. We then combined the two bedrooms in the back of the condo to have more space for the children. Overall, the modern, lustrous style of each of the rooms forms an alluring space for a beach getaway.

Photos by Jessie Preza